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Spiritual Troubadour


“Today’s music is either over-ego or over-sex. There isn’t a conversation of what went wrong; not everyone cheats or is a bad person because they no longer want to be with you. What are the reasons people do what they do in relationships, including me? Where are those songs that say we’re all still learning?” – Bradd Marquis

They say there are no more good guys and that nice guys finish last. Soul singer/songwriter and actor/producer Bradd Marquis has every intention of laying these myths to rest with the release of his third commercial release, Thank You. Enchanting audiences long before his 2007 album debut, the critically acclaimed Finding My Way, Marquis projects the kind of clean-cut, old school charm unseen since the days of Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, and the iconic men of Motown.

While his debut told the aftermath of Marquis’s broken engagement, its 2011 follow-up, Authentic, was an introspective view of a man struggling to find himself artistically and personally. Marked by moody blues and torchy ballads, Authentic, was a raw, transparent portrait of a man making hard decisions at life’s crossroads.

Whether serenading his girl about an all or nothing love or baring his soul of its inner hurts and longings, the spiritual troubadour has his finger on the pulse of the common man. Strumming the pains, feelings, and thoughts of that brother who struggles to find the words to say, Marquis’s latest delivery is a gift for the unspoken.

Marked by Moody Blues



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