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"Life man… life is my biggest influence! I use my experiences and observations to bring joy, love, healing, and awareness to my listeners." ~ Bradd Marquis

Simply put, Bradd Marquis is a multi-talented entertainer (singer, actor, writer, and producer). Marquis utilizes his soulful tenor to captivate and inspire audiences from the very first note he belts out. Hailing from a time in music when soulful crooners like Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway monopolized the airwaves, this gifted vocalist, who is often compared to these legends, has honed in on their sounds and given life to today’s music. As a result, Bradd has graced sold out stages all over the country, performing his signature classic tribute dedicated to soul icon, Sam Cooke.  Possessing a tone, passion, and purpose that separates him from the legion of today’s male vocalists, Bradd has piqued the interest of all whom witness the magic he brings to the stage. 

While his debut, Finding My Way, told the aftermath of Marquis’s broken engagement, its follow-up, Authentic, was an introspective view of a man struggling to find himself artistically and personally. Marquis’s billboard charting 3rd album, Thank You, was Marquis’s coming out party and salute to all those who had helped him through the rough patches.

Marquis’ latest single, No War, is his first release since 2017s hit single  Who Let You Go. 

No War comes straight from the depths of Marquis’ soul! Written, produced, and performed by Marquis, this song captures the frustration and concerns plaguing the world today.  No War is the beginning of Marquis embracing his full purpose; using music and the stage to speak to the conditions of today. Marquis is charged with uplifting, championing positive change, and projecting love like the soulful forefathers that preceded him. 





I was going to make a celebratory tweet but then I was hit with sadness because we are celebrating something that is clear as day. The fact that so many injustices occurred to make us hold our breath toward this outcome is really telling.




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